Passavant and Lee was launched in 2014 by Jon Passavant and Benj Lee. As an American and an Englishman – who forged a friendship traveling the globe modeling for some of the fashion industry’s top brands – they began to create products that carried the spirit of each of their home countries.

They started with a vision of two unique raw materials coming together; fine leather, handcrafted in the English tradition and aircraft grade aluminum, honed precisely in the spirit of American engineering.

These two materials had sat side-by-side for a century in fine watches, automobiles and aircraft, but never so distinctly, or deliberately in a case a man might carry with him each day.

All of Passavant and Lee’s products are designed in New York and handmade in London; they are grounded in old world craftsmanship and detailing, but with a mod-ern, adventurous spirit, appealing to pioneering men everywhere.


For decades, aircraft components have been made of strong aluminum alloys known as aircraft grade aluminum. Magnesium, silicone and titanium act as the main alloying elements creating a metal that is lightweight, tough, and resistant to weather. This is utilized in our patented design that begins with rigid exterior shells, formed to their precise shape and then heat-treated to create a finished product that is not only beautiful but engineered 
for long-lasting resilience.


Every product is handmade in London, preserving the tradition of quality that England has established over centuries. This focused labor of skilled craftsmen ensures stunning attention to detail, while giving each product a personal feel that is achieved only when appropriate freedom and time is given to the creation process.


Passavant and Lee utilizes custom hardware to maximize the function and beauty of each product, working with artisans across England to create each unique piece.


Our vegetable-tanned leather is chosen specifically for it’s natural and enduring beauty, using an organic process which includes 89 separate stages to achieve the finished result. Over the past 100 years very little has changed in the formula, ultimately yielding the soft, durable leather that is used on all of our products.